Symphonic Virtual Orchestration: EXPERT VERSION
The Most Comprehensive Orchestral Mockup Production Curriculum Available Online!
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Confidently orchestrate, mix & master your music. Produce professional sounding orchestral mockups.

Become efficient at composing. Imagine musical ideas and produce them quickly with samples, without the overwhelming, paralyzing, “what-sample-should-I-load-for-this-to-sound-realistic?”  feeling…  even if you’re starting from scratch.

Learn the synthestration techniques that will make your samples sound like the real orchestra.
Set up your perfect orchestral template, that will make you stay in the creative flow and be efficient at producing orchestral mockups.

Learn the mixing techniques that apply to orchestral music and that will make your music sound clear and gain definition, especially for those trailer, epic arrangements, where you need a punchy, solid, cinematic sound.

Finally, discover the mastering tools that actually make a difference in orchestral arrangements. Set up an efficient go-to mastering chain so that your orchestral music traduces well in any playback system.
 This version includes everything in PRO:

    - Welcome
    - Synthestration. Tactics for a good sound
    - Using Templates to Boost Productivity
    - Part 1: Arranging for Samples, Techniques Compilation
    - Part 2: Arranging for Samples, Techniques Compilation
    - Mixing (1). Secrets of the Pros
    - Mixing (2). Secrets of the Pros
    - Mixing (3). Expanding Mixing Depth
    - Mastering
    - Composing Workflow: Efficiency
    - Bonus #1: Class A Composers' Systems, Explained
    - Bonus #2: Case Studios, Behind the Scenes (PRO Version)
    - Thriller/Spy/Comedy
    - Romantic Love Ballade - Part 1
    - Romantic Love Ballade - Part 2
    - Grand Orchestral Trailer - Intro
    - Grand Orchestral Trailer - Composing
    - Grand Orchestral Trailer - Mixing
    - Grand Orchestral Trailer - Mastering
    - Action/Adventure - Synthestration
    - Action/Adventure - Mixing 1
    - Action/Adventure Mixing 2
    - Bonus #3: Studio Ergonomics (PRO Version)
    - Basic Desk Schematics
    - Composer Desk Under $70
    - Minimal Gear and How to Distribute It in Your Desk


    - Bonus #4: Sample Libraries List (EXPERT Version)
    - Marc Jovani's Template
    -  Bonus #5: 1h Coaching Call with Marc (EXPERT Version)
    -  Bonus #6: 1h Coaching Call with an active composer working in the Hollywood industry (EXPERT Version)

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